The Courtroom Is Our Arena

Lawsuits are what we do. If you have a civil case that may be heading to court or arbitration, or if you have a case there already, we can handle it. We have also helped many clients avoid litigation entirely by negotiating settlements before a complaint has even been filed.

If you think a lawsuit might be on the horizon, now is the time to hire a lawyer. We can help you get ready, and we can advise you on the important strategic decisions you are facing, including whether to engage in pre-suit settlement discussions with the other side, when and where to file a lawsuit, and what claims or counterclaims to assert in your case.

Our practice areas include:

          - Breach of Contract

          - Civil Rights

          - Class Actions

          - Commercial Disputes

          - Consumer Protection

          - Construction

          - Employment

          - Healthcare

          - Intellectual Property

          - Mass Torts

          - Product Liability

          - Real Estate

          - Securities and Investments

          - Serious Personal Injury

          - Wrongful Death

These are just a few examples. Please call us at (614) 354-4133, or email us at, to discuss how we can help you with your case.